DALLAS, TEXAS – MARCH 2022: Halliwell Engineering Associates (HEA), a leading independent forensic engineering and architectural firm, has announced the launch of its newly formed Halliwell Construction Services (HCS) practice. Comprised of 30 plus highly skilled industry-known reconstruction and remediation experts, the new HCS practice will serve as a strategic service to compliment Halliwell’s Engineering Group. HCS will operate as a ‘sisterservice’ providing scope of damage evaluation, scope of restoration, and cost of damage offerings based on professional construction and property damage analysis.

With decades of experience, HCS will offer a full range of services, including Rough Order of Magnitudes (ROM’s), damage analysis, cost estimates/review, and bid analysis for all commercial, industrial, institutional, government, healthcare, and multi-family properties nationwide. In addition, along with Halliwell’s forensic engineers and architects, the construction experts will provide insurance carriers and complex claims adjusters with catastrophe (CAT) team support after major weather-related events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires. Specifically, their services will range from on-site data collection and development of ROM’s, to detailed estimates, technical document analysis and support. Further, the HCS team will provide expert witness testimony and litigation support.

The establishment of the new practice, resulting from Halliwell’s accelerated growth over the past 12 months, is fueled by increased market demand for the firm’s quality forensic engineering services and widely recognized capabilities to investigate, analyze, scope, and design repairs.

Halliwell’s head office is located at 20801 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura, in Miami, Florida.

Jack Halliwell, President, Halliwell: “This marks a significant development in our firm’s history. For over 65 years, we’ve successfully provided engineering claims support for commercial, institutional, industrial & multi-family residential property and liability losses, as well as expert engineering & architectural services for arbitration and litigation support.” Jack continued: ”The addition of Construction Services is our natural response to the evolving claims management and loss adjusting market. From a claims assignment perspective, investigative work requires a wide range of forensic engineering, building and construction skills as well as deep knowledge of the different aspects of an insured loss. We see a unique opportunity to create value, deliver tangible savings and better outcomes for our clients, including independent adjusters, carriers, brokers, and attorneys, by being able to offer a blended forensic engineering & construction services model which focuses on collaborative teamwork to aid the adjuster in the claim process.”