Construction Services
Construction Services

 Construction Services


Our team of highly skilled professionals is built to find answers, provide solutions to your every challenge, and manage your project with minimal business interruption. With decades of experience in providing condition assessments, scope of repair, and restoration estimating for all structure types based on qualified construction and property damage analysis, our specialists have the background for your unique project. We offer CAT team support after major events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, hailstorms, and wildfires. Our experts are also able to assist counsel with case preparation through document analysis, litigation support, and expert testimony.

Our services include:

  • Water/Hail/Wind/Fire/Smoke/Seismic Scope of Damage and Cost Estimating

  • Rough Order of Magnitude Preparation

  • Mitigation and Restoration Consulting

  • Building Envelope System Evaluation

  • Moisture Evaluations of Cladding Systems

  • Invoice and Estimate Analysis

  • Project Management

  • Clerking Services

  • CAT Response

  • Replacement Cost Valuation

  • Standard of Care Evaluations

  • Builder’s Risk

  • Appraisals and Umpiring Services

  • Expert Witness and Litigation Services

  • Failure and Damage Analysis of Roof Assemblies

  • Testing of Roofing Systems

  • Roofing Evaluation by RRO/RRC

  • On-Site Testing – Infrared Thermography, Moisture Survey, Uplift, Fastener Pullout

  • 3D and Aerial Drone Imaging

  • Insurance to Value Assessments
Construction Services