Industrial Loss Services
Industrial Loss Services

 Industrial Loss Services


Our engineers and consultants provide expert, technical evaluations of Energy, Petro/Chemical, Heavy Machinery, Manufacturing and Industrial equipment and systems. We have extensive experience assessing issues involving mechanical, energy and industrial systems including motors, compressors, transformers, and other machinery, power generation components including gas and steam turbines, large diesel engines, compressors, and more.

Though process plants can be extremely unique, most have common types of equipment. Whether an oil refinery, a pharmaceutical plant, a chemical plant, or a food production facility, Halliwell has the experience necessary to investigate fire, explosions, flood, structural collapse, single unit breakdown, or natural disaster. We can provide full failure analysis, evaluations for repair, replacement, or fabrication costs, as well as timeline work to evaluate potential downtime.

Our experts conduct damage analysis, condition assessments, scope of repair and estimates for properties and equipment in the following areas:

  • Power Generation
  • Petrochemical & Chemical
  • Oil Drilling, Fracking, and Brine Water Disposal
  • Refineries
  • Structural Failures and Reconstruction Analysis
  • Manufacturing
  • Agricultural Manufacturing
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Pump Stations
  • Natural gas transmission and compression stations
  • Renewable Energy – Hydroelectric Plants, Wind Turbines & Generation, Solar Electric Plants, Geothermal Systems, Biofuel Plants
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment

Common types of equipment failures and related investigations include:

  • Gas Turbines – Failures include overspeed, fatigue and creep, corrosion, thermal fatigue, lubrication failures, and bearing failures.
  • Steam turbines – Failures include overspeed, fatigue and creep, corrosion in last row blades, lubrication failures, and bearing failures.
  • Large diesel engines and natural gas compressors – Failures involve connecting rod fatigue failures, lubrication failures, and trapped liquids in gas stream.
  • Fires – Our experts specialize in commercial fires involving litigation and industrial involving litigation or not. We also have expertise in natural gas migration in soils resulting fires or not.
  • Pumps – Failures can be a result of poor design, improper materials selection, worn seals, deferred maintenance, or faulty electrical motors.
  • Piping – Can fail due to corrosion, erosion, over-pressurization, and/or poor design ∙ Valves – Failures can be mechanical, seal failure, deferred maintenance, or defective design.
  • Heat exchangers – Failures can be from excessive corrosion, over-pressurization, or improper material selection. When heat exchangers fail, it can lead to explosions, fires, or long-term facility shutdowns.
  • Boilers – Failures can come from corrosion, steam explosions, fuel explosions, or due to improper operational considerations/deferred maintenance.
  • Process Equipment – This diverse equipment may range from extraction towers to candy machines and is critical to process plant operations, but at the same time can fail or create hazards in the facility if not maintained or operated properly.
Industrial Loss Services